The Great Game

Through the ages we have seen an overwhelming improvement on society and all of it’s ideology. We have seen the world transformed from a vastly empty paradise to the great metropolitan community it have become. It is true that in this day and age the world works on a whole with all of the little parts benefitting from one of the other little parts. Many say that some of the little parts benefit more than others but the truth is that each part is vital in this great game that we play. When you look at the way the economy in any given area it is like a living breathing being. There are so many small moving parts that if one stopped working there would be a shockwave sent through the rest of the entire organism. Politics play a large role in the way the world works. The problem I see is that many of the politicians who are in office have lost sight of their original reasoning behind entering the arena for lack of a better term.

Many politicians have the best of intentions when they begin their political career. Many just want to make the world a better place. I know that most of them have their own thriving businesses on the side & probably don’t even consider as the major driving factor in their decision. That said, These same people come to the realization fast that if they want to have a successful political career they will need backers of all kinds. Not only financial backers but other politicians as well. There are obvious trade offs for this support. Many people who get into politics find that it is a tangled web they weave. They find that nothing, including political support, comes for free. It is not long until they find themselves in the corner of some special interest group or until they owe some other politician a favor or two. These issues are the price we pay for the game we play but they are not the worst of the polluting influences that often degrade the political system right down to the core.

As I mentioned before many of these people have thriving businesses before they get into politics. They feel that they can give their time and freely work towards fixing the problems, as they perceive them, that face society. These people can quickly find their own personal business having problems due to the time they have spent away from it. Another pitfall is they find that their political sway offers them a way improve their personal investments such as the business they own. Many people think that money is the root of all evil but I feel the truth is that the love of money is the root of all evil. For many people it is too large a draw to withstand.

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