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Update: the owners of this site would like to extend their most sincere apologies for the current state of the website, an unfortunately necessary  period of transition between the ‘old’ (original) site to the new (very different) website. We’d like to specifically express our regrets to the Spanish-language readers for whom the original site (and the RedDocente project itself) was intended. Unfortunately, we have no fluency in the language ourselves, so much of the appropriate material and resources available elsewhere on the web is not transparent to us at this time.

However, we CAN direct you to the RTIE ( and Spiral ( websites. The RedDocente project was (is?) a joint project of these two organizations, and it its to them that your questions should be addressed.

We received a lot of inquiries regarding the epidemic of sexually transmitted diseases and how to manage the risks involved in a world where easy hookups are so prevalent. Our experts point out that while the risk is always there, you do have some options when it comes to ease of mind after the fact. If you suspect you might be at risk, there are now readily available online kits to test for stds that permit a way to screen yourself in the privacy of you home, without the need to engage a medical professional. However, if after taking the home test you show positive for any disease, it is strongly recommended that you seek medical help since not doing so can be life threatening. We’re not trying to scare you, just educating you about the dangers of modern life and some solutions that can make navigating the world a bit less stressful.

Also, we’re trying to amass a helpful collection of financial tools for anyone (everyone?) affected by the current economic situation. We’d eventually like to be able to provide resources concerning everything from fly-by-night payday loans to refinance car loan to the most airtight and utterly reputable investment and banking institutions and government agencies. Budgets are required for EVERYTHING. So budget up.

Budget conscious fashionistas alert! At most any budget you can have access to the sterling silver jewelry online store! Some students will complain that this text is an ad, or is somehow put here because of money, not fashion. But whether you are into your jewelry, your mind, your attitude, your weight, all of it is accessible through this conversation about possibilities. Like the old site, talk is cheap, but that talk just might be the very opposite of cheap if the talk is about sterling silver, like these rings. I’m told that the cubic zirconia settings are gorgeous – cz and sterling make for a great statement.

Pointing out how easily it is that the conversation flows from sterling silver to other personal stuff to education. Teachers are/can be fashionistas too! And they probably know this secret: One of the most effective teaching techniques centers around one simple word: context.

I find that one different concepts are placed in context, and the inter-relation between them are explore, that students just tend to “get it” better. And nothing brings history to life more tellingly than by placing it in contextual form. And that’s exactly where ( Studies gets it right.

Put together by the Library of Congress, Country Studies presents an analysis and description of over 100 countries, examining their historical settings, as well as their social, political, economic, and national security systems and institutions. This site brings it all together in a fresh way, giving students a complete and fresh perspective.

Let’s see what Country Studies does with Laos:

After a brief country profile, Country Studies dives into detailed essays divided into sections that include geography, society, economy, transportation and communications, government and politics and national security. We’re taking through Laos early history, including its Mongol influence, its developments during the 19th century, its pre- and post-World War II transformations, and its independence and strides towards neutrality.

We’re then treated to Laos geographical landscape, exploring such topics as its topography, population, rural life, urban society, religion, eduction, health and welfare, and future trends. Next up is Laos’ economic makeup, including agriculture and forestry, crops and farming systems, fishing, and other industries. Next a detailed look at its global public finance status and its financial sector, including the country’s balance of payments such as its foreign trade exports and imports, its trade partners and policy and its foreign exchange rate. The subsequent chapter is on national security, which includes a a raw, unflinching section on the country’s criminal justice system, and particular narcotics and counternarcotics issues.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more comprehensive and contextual treatment on world history than you’ll find at Country Studies.

Edna Lambert is a contributing editor of QQ, and is assisting the Uptown Fashionistas as they sort through their collection of antique ( dresses and wedding gowns.

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